Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Capt. George W. Gwinn

Company F, Ninety-ninth Regiment 

By August, 1862, a full company had been raised at Brookston and 
vicinity, which was incorporated into the Ninety-ninth Regiment, with 
George W. Gwinn as captain, Andrew Cochran, first lieutenant, and G. S. 
Walker, second lieutenant. About the same time Capt." Sidney W. Sea 
and others enlisted one-half of Company K, Nineteenth Regiment (Fifth 
Cavalry), the recruits coming mostly from the western part of the 

Captain Gwin's Company F, of the Ninety-ninth Regiment, was 
ordered to South Bend and was mustered into the service in October, 
1862. It did not get into action until the following May, during the 
Vieksburg campaign. At Jackson, Mission Ridge, Chattanooga, Resaca, 
Dallas, Kenesaw Mountain, Atlanta, Savannah and Fort McAllister, it 
became thoroughly fireproof during two years of battling and cam- 
source: "A Standard History of White County, Indiana..."

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