Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ridge Spring, SC and the Juniper resturant

Biscuit/bread with chocolate butter!
An appetizer of Fried Green Tomatoes with spicy mayonnaise.
Followed by this!!!!!!! Low-country Crabcake with caper dressing and green apple cole slaw! Delicious!
And, yes, the plate is chipped and the water glass IS a wide-mouth Mason jar.

Orangeburg, SC daytrip

Took a nice trip to Orangeburg, SC on Sunday.

In 1865, a force of less than six hundred Confederate soldiers gathered on the land that is now the Memorial Gardens to defend the Edisto River Bridge. Occupying rifle pits, these soldiers temporarily halted the advance of the Union Army. On February 12, 1865, outflanked by a much larger force, these defenders were compelled to withdraw to Columbia. This same day, in Aiken, a small force of irregulars and civilians will turn back an attack by Capt. Kilpatrick, USA, and he, too, will withdraw and head for Columbia.
The memorial gardens are dedicated to this skirmish in defense of Orangeburg.