Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Trip to the Beaches - Caswell, Yaupon & Long

Early development of Oak Island as a community unofficially began in 1826 with the construction of Fort Caswell. In 1889, construction of the Oak Island Lighthouse was complete and the Oak Island Lifesaving Station was fully operational to protect sailors from the nearby rough waters of the mouth of the Cape Fear River. The fort and lighthouse were the first areas of Oak Island to have a "permanent population".
Until 1939, Oak Island was still undeveloped, and was frequented mostly by fox hunters. The island was known to be a great place for fox hunting, and the hunts would remain an important part of the Island's early years. In 1936, the Atlantic Intra-Coastal Waterway (ICW) was completed. This made Oak Island a true island as the ICW construction deepened portions of the Elizabeth River, severing it from the mainland.
Ernest Felder Middleton, a timber exporter from Charleston, SC, bought land on Oak Island in 1938. Middleton, along with his partners in Carolina Lands, Inc. began development of the area on Oak Island known as Long Beach. By 1939, Long Beach was officially open to the public. At this time the town had a pavillion, a canteen with a dining room and 20 bath houses. Early visitors enjoyed orchestras and dances at the pavillion every Saturday night. During this time, Carolina Lands also finished construction on some roads, and offered the first oceanfront lots for sale... each for the hefty sum of $350.00! By 1940, Long Beach had about 40 cottages. These early years saw a short building boom on the Island, but during World War Two, construction came to a halt as building materials were scarce and activity was hampered by "dim-out" restrictions. By 1944, construction had returned to normal.
About the Region
Brunswick County is one of the oldest counties in North Carolina. It was charted in 1746 and named for the Prince of Brunswick. It is the fifth largest county in area in North Carolina, reaching from the Brunswick River (bordering with New Hanover County) to the South Carolina state line. Brunswick County has 19 towns, and about 72,000 residents.
Brunswick County is uniquely situated along one of the "scalloped arcs" on the southeast coast of North Carolina, so the beaches, including Oak Island, face south instead of east
When you stand on the beach at Oak Island and look out over the Atlantic Ocean, you are actually facing the Bahamas, Florida and Cuba, and not Europe or Africa. Oak Island is 12.6 miles long and averages about 1 mile across, making it Brunswick County's largest Island. It consists of the Town of Oak Island and the Town of Caswell Beach. Oak Island is about 7 miles to Southport, 30 miles to Wilmington and about 60 miles to Myrtle Beach.Oak Island has a flat topography, with some variation in elevation from sand dunes. The Island has a complex coastal ecosystem with areas of salt marsh, freshwater wetlands, maritime forests, and miles of beach strand. The Island is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including the seasonal visits from Atlantic sea turtles, who return every year to lay eggs. Sea turtle populations include the Green, Loggerhead, and rare Kemp Ridley turtles. The Town, in conjunction with the US Army Corps of Engineers, recently completed a Sea Turtle Habitat Restoration Project to restore sea turtle habitat lost to erosion. We consider the sea turtles to be some of our most important residents! With so much natural beauty, historical significance and unique character, it is easy to see why Oak Island is such a great place to visit, and a greater place to live, work and play!
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Prayer list additions this week...

The following are added to my prayer list.

NOEL Gagiliardi, aged 5, suffering with Lukemia. Noel and her parents live at the end of my street. She is in hospital at Chapel Hill, NC.

DAVID, her father. This trial has taken its toll on his heart...the stress of working daily in Wilmington then traveling 3 hours to Chapel Hill every evening.

PIERCE Samuel Gwinn, my grandson. Pierce is scheduled for surgery on an eye muscle to correct a eye control problem.

How does one pray for these and similar needs?
1. Pray for a touch of God for restoration and for healing...a miracle.
2. If it must be so for some unknown purpose, then pray for comfort for the individual, skill for the surgeon and doctors, rest and support for the family.
3. And as always, I plead the Blood of Jesus as a blanket of protection, a hedge against all that would come against them. I bind the spirit of illness in the Name of Jesus and cast it into the pit. I release the Spirit of God in their life, the Joy of the LORD in their soul and the Love of Jesus in their heart.

2Ch 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Recent voyages....

Well...that was a short trip.
I had thought to switch over to Facebook instead of this simple blog.
Too much information flooded my homepage, and then I started on FarmTown.
I am back to this quiet outlet.

I was able to attend the North Carolina Mens Conference in Goldsboro a few weeks ago.
Impossible to describe the atmoshpere of 500 men whorshipping the LORD without restraint for 3 days and 2 nights.
Impossible to describe the touch of God in words, something that has to be experienced to understand, but we are left with describing the effects of this encounter on those around us.

Fellowship among the bretheren, a common focus of Jesus in our lives, these and other results of men worshipping together and bonding with each other as we move closer in a relationship with the Creator of all things...Jesus.