Friday, January 30, 2009

Help in identifying this VietNam vet.

Found this marker in Canetuck Cemetery, Pender County, NC. It reads:

1952 to 1973.

Veterans Administration knows nothing of him. He does not appear on any casualty list.

Any leads????

Found in antique store in North Carolina. Cool, huh?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I was on asignment to photograph some cemetery markers for a website called 'Find-A-Grave', a genealogy resource site, when on my way to Bethel AME and Canetuck cemeteries I found this family plot of 9 markers alongside of NC53West about 15 miles from home. I present here one Mr. Luther Johnson.

Snowy day in NC

Well, the sunny South! No school today, no courts . . . it snowed. Not much, but a whole lot more than people here are used to.

Heard something new (to me) today, "go around your elbow to get to your thumb". We were talking about the snow at 9:30 break, how the plant was closing at noon and we all had to go home because of the snow, when one lady expressed concern that she had to cross over two bridges to get home.

I jokingly suggested she go 30 miles up NC53West to the free ferry across the Cape Fear River at Ellwell. She replied "I don't have time to go around my elbow to get to my thumb."

Me and the mechanic from NY were the only two that had never heard that before.