Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reported in the news for this weekend that a lot of extra police will be patrolling the streets of Wilmington (NC).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to Normal

Well, my nephew traveled from the Western front back to the coast this past weekend.
I didn't feel any disturbance in the force, so I was glad to read in his postings of the enjoyment he obtained from this North Carolina.

We didn't have a hurricane while he visited in the North-Eastern North Carolina stomping grounds.

He couldn't make arraignments for a visit this time, and it is too bad that it worked out that way.

I don't think that he was aware, also, as to the close proximity he was of Gwynn's Island, VA., the original settlement (from Wales) of the beginning of the Gwinn/Guin/Gwynne/Wynne family in the U.S. that we are the latest generation of.

It is raining here now, a benefit of the latest hurricane in the Gulf. I usually mow the grass on Thursdays', and I might not get it done this week. The grass grows like the corn in Illinois - hot humid weather makes it rocket.

The next family member to visit is hoped for in October, when my sister will be able to spend a weekend with Rhonda and me.

In the meantime family, take note: 4 bedrooms and the Atlantic ocean - cheap rates!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"What did you do with Jesus?"

“What did you do with Jesus?” will be the question that you will face in the Day of Judgment spoken of in the Bible, the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Everyone, living and dead, must answer for himself. What will be your answer?

Did you Praise him or disdain him? To praise him or praise his name means that you told people what He did for you in your life. You talked about the goodness and faithfulness that Jesus showed you everyday – how he gave you the strength to get up in the morning, gave you your next breath, your next hearbeat.

Did you Worship him or curse him? To worship means to tell him that you know He gives you life and sustenance daily and that you appreciate him doing that.

Did you allow him into your life and give him control, or did you say I did all this on my own?

Your answer will be a truthful one, for He sees a man’s heart, and there will be no more sin in the Day of Judgment so you cannot form a lie.

Why not decide to seek and learn of Him now? while you still have a chance?

You may decide to stand on your own and face what ever comes. And receiving you just rewards you will turn from Him to start your eternal life and you will have to look into the faces of your spouse and children and then their question will be with you for eternity – “Daddy! Mommy! You knew this and you didn’t let us know?”

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally! Nice soft rain and temps low 80's

It rained all last night, all today and is still raining this evening.
One thing about this North Carolina - sand doesn't get muddy.

We got a new machine for the room at work - actually, some other manufacturers hand-me-down. As I was looking it over, I discovered a part being held in place by a Vice Grip brand locking pliers welding clamp.
I removed the Vice Grip and replaced it with a 'C' clamp, later, I will drill, tap and properly mount the part.
I put the clamp in my toolbox.

Today, two days later, I lost two of my necessary troubleshooting tools.
I looked everywhere I could remember using them and found them not.

While searching I kept finding this Vice Grip clamp, and finally conviction came to my spirit.
I took the clamp back to the machine and replaced it in it's original position, then when I went to put the 'C' clamp back in my box - I saw one of the missing tools in a drawer that I had searched just 10 minutes earlier.

At that same time, the parts washing man brought me the second missing tool - I had left it on the cart of changeover parts sent to sanitizing.

So what happened here?

I was chastened by the Lord. I can see that clearly now. "For the Lord will chasten those He loves that they might be corrected and not lost".

I was guilty of purloining. In the Bible to purloin is a sin. To purloin is to take something from a neighbor (or friend, or employer) that does not belong to you.
It can be a large thing or it can be a rubber band or a pencil. It is property that is provided to do a job, but not for personal, private use.

Thank you God for correcting me!
Thank you for Your restoration!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot! 104 with index of 107

Found new phrase of Southern Eastern North Carolina (we are just 1 hour from South Carolina).

Garden Pipe.

A news story this week in the Pender Post reported of theft of 40 gallons of gas, two 20 gallon gas containers and a 10 foot section of garden pipe used to siphon the gas from a vehicle.

I inquired further at work and, yes, people do refer to the common garden hose as garden pipe.