Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Marines identify pilot in N.C. crash

Posted: Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008
HAVELOCK Marine Corps officials have released the name of the pilot killed when he crashed about a mile short of the runway at an Eastern North Carolina air base.
Officials said Tuesday that Marine Corps Capt. Alberto Bencosme was returning from routine training when he crashed in an unpopulated area near the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Bencosme was a member of Marine Attack Training Squadron 203.

Another Harrier crashed in February near Cherry Point, but the pilot wasn't injured. In May, a two-seat training Harrier crashed in Arizona, but the pilots ejected safely.

Home page of VMT 203, Cherry Point, N.C. is :

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Town repossesses cemetery plots for unpaid bills

By TONY BURBECK / NewsChannel 36
MOORESVILLE, N.C. -- Perhaps this is a sign of the times you haven't heard. The Town of Mooresville has repossessed 11 cemetery plots from people who haven't paid their bills. Town officials say it's the first time that's happened in years.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Man Tased and Arrested at Father's Funeral

Five New Hanover (North Carolina) Sheriff's deputies have been disciplined after tasing and arresting a man at his father's funeral this past Saturday.

Gladwyn Russ III was wanted on a domestic warrant for a threatening to kill his wife. The plan was for deputies to arrest Russ after the funeral, but a miscommunication at the sheriff's department resulted in two plain clothes detectives taking him in to custody while he was acting as a pallbearer, and sliding his father's casket in to the hearse.

From the New Hanover County Jail, Russ told the story of how sheriff's deputies arrested him at his father's funeral. “I was just in awe. I didn't know what was going on because I was watching my daddy's casket pass through my hands for the last time," he said.

Startled, he fought back. That is when Russ was tased, cuffed and taken to jail. "It just amazed me the show of force they had for just a little crime,” he said.

But the New Hanover County Sherrif's Office said it’s more than just a little crime. Russ is charged with threatening to kill his wife; a domestic related charge that Sheriff Causey said, isn't taken lightly.

“He had avoided us, he promised to turn himself in, but he just simply would not,” said Causey.

Arrangements were made for Russ to report to the jail last Monday. When he did not, a plan for his arrest began to take shape. The plan was for deputies to arrest him after the graveside service.

“They tried to arrest him as they were leaving the funeral home. That was our mistake. I take full responsibility for that. I'm sorry for any interruption this caused,” said Causey.

Since August, sheriff's deputies have made 19 visits to Russ's house. The majority of visits were failed attempts to arrest him. In fact, the last time they tired to arrest him, Russ barricaded himself inside a home, and refused to go peacefully with law enforcement.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Veterens Day in the South

Heard the oddest thing about Veterens Day.
A man, a lifelong resident of Wilmington, NC, said this about the upcoming day:
"The postman will not be putting any bills in the box tomorrow. The judge will not be putting anyone in jail tomorrow."

What an odd way to commemorate.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

BBQ in the Hanger

The airplane hanger on Pastor's cotton farm, the scene of the Fall Festival on Saturday.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Pig Cooker up Close; BBQ in the Hanger

I have pictures!
Harvest Festival of The Pentecostals of Wilmington and Burgaw (NC)
Here is a typical North Carolina pig cooker.

This is the cooker and trailer from the right side.

Here we have your typical pig cooker pressed into service to barbeque the chicken.
Looks delicious, don't it?!

And of course a small appliance for the weiners!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Remember Mayberry?

Well today I found out that 'Emmet' works at COTY.
I saw mechanic, Mary Ann, working on a piece of electronics and later was glueing an ink pen together for one of the QA people.

The electronics turned out to be a game boy controller for the son of the Mechanical Engineer assigned to our lines.

I asked about her repair business, and she said that she has repaired shoes, lamps and a miraid of other objects in her career as a packaging machine mechanic.

Friday, September 26, 2008


A major problem at work, to me, anyway, is that none of the machines are fastened to the floor.
Not only does this give one a sense that this job is temporary, but it means that the machines could be disturbed from their designated position.

Lately we have had an infeed conveyor for bottles to the filler knocked out by a "walky-rider" pallet truck, a bottle sorter pushed to the point that electric conduit was broken and a laser coder machine pusher into the cartonmachine with some damage to the sensor and settings.

Today a line attendant rammed a pallet-jack, pallet and drum of waste liquid into the electronic control panel of a filler. When I exclaimed "Hey! careful with hitting the machines!" his reply was:

"It's new! It doesn't matter!".

What does that mean???

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Military Humor - Army Air Force

The pilot was sitting in his seat and pulled out a .38 revolver.He placed it on top of the instrument panel, and then asked the navigator,
"Do you know what I use this for?"
The navigator replied timidly, "No, what's it for?"
The pilot responded, "I use this on navigators who get me lost!"
The navigator proceeded to pull out a .45 and place it on his chart table.
The pilot asked, "What's that for?"
"To be honest sir," the navigator replied, "I'll know we're lost before you will."

Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike touches family

Hurricane Ike went way South of us and we thought that was fine.

However, it went straight to Houston, the home of John and Julie (daughter) and Jack, Will and Carolina Grace (grands).

Prayers of Rhonda kept them safe, even when neighbors lost roofs and electricity, the Law home was spared. Thank you Jesus!!

Not satisfied with being thwarted in Houston, Ike then headed to Cincinatti, home of Gary and Sherry (Rhonda's brother) and they suffered rain and wind and the taking of flight of the neighbors shed that landed in their backyard.

Again, thank you Jesus! as they (and the entire extended family) are in our daily prayers.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

In a hurri? or "Happy Hurricane!"

The mood was jovial Friday.

The shift was done for the week, Saturday and Sunday work were cancelled in anticipation of the approaching hurricane.

Second shift was coming in, but only for 4 hours. Everyone would be (have the chance to be) home when the expected landfall came.

And it did come, not as a hurricane, but as a Tropical Storm. Winds at 50mph and several inches of rain, but no hurricane.

Piggly Wiggly was busy for 2 days before as people bought needed supplies for the upcoming meterological event.

Some of the items I have no idea how to prepare! What is to be done with chicken feet?????

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day Bath

Took a nice long weekend trip just 80 miles away, to Bath, the home of Blackbeard the Pirate.
Bath is situate on an estuary, a sheltered waterway, titled Bath Creek. A quaint port on the Atlantic ocean.
Rhonda and I toured several buildings dating from the 1700's.
St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the oldest standing church building in North Carolina, dates from 1734. Reverend George Whitefield, pioneer evangelist, visited Bath on several occasions between 1739 and 1765.
The Palmer-Marsh house, Bath's oldest residence and the Colonial period's largest residence was constructed around 1751.
Bath was the capitol of the colony that developed in what was later the state of North Carolina until the seat of government was moved to Washington (now N.C.) in 1785.

It is today a quaint and picturesque waterside village, destination to history buffs and tall ships.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reported in the news for this weekend that a lot of extra police will be patrolling the streets of Wilmington (NC).

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to Normal

Well, my nephew traveled from the Western front back to the coast this past weekend.
I didn't feel any disturbance in the force, so I was glad to read in his postings of the enjoyment he obtained from this North Carolina.

We didn't have a hurricane while he visited in the North-Eastern North Carolina stomping grounds.

He couldn't make arraignments for a visit this time, and it is too bad that it worked out that way.

I don't think that he was aware, also, as to the close proximity he was of Gwynn's Island, VA., the original settlement (from Wales) of the beginning of the Gwinn/Guin/Gwynne/Wynne family in the U.S. that we are the latest generation of.

It is raining here now, a benefit of the latest hurricane in the Gulf. I usually mow the grass on Thursdays', and I might not get it done this week. The grass grows like the corn in Illinois - hot humid weather makes it rocket.

The next family member to visit is hoped for in October, when my sister will be able to spend a weekend with Rhonda and me.

In the meantime family, take note: 4 bedrooms and the Atlantic ocean - cheap rates!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"What did you do with Jesus?"

“What did you do with Jesus?” will be the question that you will face in the Day of Judgment spoken of in the Bible, the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Everyone, living and dead, must answer for himself. What will be your answer?

Did you Praise him or disdain him? To praise him or praise his name means that you told people what He did for you in your life. You talked about the goodness and faithfulness that Jesus showed you everyday – how he gave you the strength to get up in the morning, gave you your next breath, your next hearbeat.

Did you Worship him or curse him? To worship means to tell him that you know He gives you life and sustenance daily and that you appreciate him doing that.

Did you allow him into your life and give him control, or did you say I did all this on my own?

Your answer will be a truthful one, for He sees a man’s heart, and there will be no more sin in the Day of Judgment so you cannot form a lie.

Why not decide to seek and learn of Him now? while you still have a chance?

You may decide to stand on your own and face what ever comes. And receiving you just rewards you will turn from Him to start your eternal life and you will have to look into the faces of your spouse and children and then their question will be with you for eternity – “Daddy! Mommy! You knew this and you didn’t let us know?”

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finally! Nice soft rain and temps low 80's

It rained all last night, all today and is still raining this evening.
One thing about this North Carolina - sand doesn't get muddy.

We got a new machine for the room at work - actually, some other manufacturers hand-me-down. As I was looking it over, I discovered a part being held in place by a Vice Grip brand locking pliers welding clamp.
I removed the Vice Grip and replaced it with a 'C' clamp, later, I will drill, tap and properly mount the part.
I put the clamp in my toolbox.

Today, two days later, I lost two of my necessary troubleshooting tools.
I looked everywhere I could remember using them and found them not.

While searching I kept finding this Vice Grip clamp, and finally conviction came to my spirit.
I took the clamp back to the machine and replaced it in it's original position, then when I went to put the 'C' clamp back in my box - I saw one of the missing tools in a drawer that I had searched just 10 minutes earlier.

At that same time, the parts washing man brought me the second missing tool - I had left it on the cart of changeover parts sent to sanitizing.

So what happened here?

I was chastened by the Lord. I can see that clearly now. "For the Lord will chasten those He loves that they might be corrected and not lost".

I was guilty of purloining. In the Bible to purloin is a sin. To purloin is to take something from a neighbor (or friend, or employer) that does not belong to you.
It can be a large thing or it can be a rubber band or a pencil. It is property that is provided to do a job, but not for personal, private use.

Thank you God for correcting me!
Thank you for Your restoration!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hot! 104 with index of 107

Found new phrase of Southern Eastern North Carolina (we are just 1 hour from South Carolina).

Garden Pipe.

A news story this week in the Pender Post reported of theft of 40 gallons of gas, two 20 gallon gas containers and a 10 foot section of garden pipe used to siphon the gas from a vehicle.

I inquired further at work and, yes, people do refer to the common garden hose as garden pipe.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Quote of Note

"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass. "
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Quotes of Note

Person focused on the World: "I'll believe it when I see it!"
Person whose focus is God: "I'll see it when I believe it!"
Basis for the theorem is the teaching of Jesus, "You have not because you ask not."

Monday, July 21, 2008

Little worldly successes

I know in the reality of God and Eternity, computers don't even blip the radar screen.
But oftentimes God blesses me about the inconsequential things of this life.

While drafting (AutoCAD LT) for an engineering company, I was given several laptops that were being phased out by the field techs.

Dell Inspiron 3500's and a couple of 7500's.

I gave all away save one.
It started life as a Win98SE machine, then a Win2000Pro while at Dynamic Controls.
And today, success!!
It is now a WinXPPro machine!! (but still a 20meg HD)

And to the reality side, we baptised 1 Sunday morning and 1 Sunday night in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!!! Yay!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

New Shift in North Carolina

Successful bid to first shift! July 1 was first day at work, DEL Labs, on the first shift. A 10 hour day following working on second shift Monday.
Short night of sleep.
But, was able to go to mid-week service at Pentecostals of Wilmington on Tuesday!
And, just got home from mid-week service at Pentecostals of Burgaw! Yay!

Also, have new North Carolina saying from tonight - when someone is angry, or, as the Bible says of Cain, "Why is your countenance fallen?", the NC way is to say "Who licked the red off your candy?".

Translation to follow when I've had time to digest this phrase.

Also, from work today. I was invited to a maintenace get together, a "Pig Pickin'." Where at one or more pig(s) are roasted in a pig-cooker for several hours.
And there is another, a "Pig Cooker". You see them in about half of the driveways here, a large black oversized barrel on wheels with a chimney and a proprane tank.
And some are decorated with chrome wheels and flame paint jobs!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Beautiful day in North Carolina

It is Wednesday, and the temp has dramatically fallen back into the double-digits. Time to get back outside.
Had a recent trip back home to Illinois, though not totally unexpected as to its necessity, but then unhappy when it became apparent it was not to be avoided.

My brother (in-law) Bob was laid to rest at age 58 by cancer.

Bob was a good man. This is not an idle comment on his character, it is a true statement.
I do not intend to write the mans obituary here, but to tell you what I know of him.

I last talked to him about 2 weeks before, on the phone. I was sitting under the pines next to the canal that sides our property and we talked of future things.
He was confident in his salvation, and said this is what he has lived for since he was 13. To be with his Savior. "To live is Christ; to die is gain".
I looked up to Bob, as he had accomplished so much, and we had so much in common interest that we could talk in depth of things great and small.

He was a pilot, I was a pilot. We talked of aircraft (his favorite the huge B-29 bomber aka 'Memphis Belle'). He was a radio control airplane builder and flyer; something I wanted to do but never did.

He liked trains and had track and cars in his basement. I enjoyed trains, too. Bob was buried in Virden, in a cemetary that lies close to a railroad crossing. On the day of his funeral, I was about to read from the Bible at the gravesite, when a train whistle announced the coming of a coal train. We all stood there as the train whistled past - 5 diesel engines, 50 coal hoppers and , would you believe it?, a final engine pushing from the back with a final toot on the airhorn for Bob! Isn't God good!!

He was a teacher - the special, dedicated kind. Special Education. His love of these hampered children was a direct outgrowing of the love he had for his Uncle Joe, a man that grew up with the same affliction, but without anyone to help him. Bob saw a need and had a burden from God to spend his life in the service to others that in no way could ever repay him. That is a principle in the Bible. "For what good is it if you give to a neighbor expecting something in return? Is it not better to give unto those that cannot repay?"

He was a husband and a father. I failed in marriage and damaged my three sons as the result of it. My only recourse now is to lay this burden at the feet of Jesus and pray He keep his hand on them and complete in them what I have failed to do.

He is a Christian, and, thanks be to God, I have also given my life to Christ. Bob lived as a Christian all his life. I started at age 46 (but never really became a true follower until 2004, when I was baptised in Jesus Name and received the infilling of the Holy Ghost as evidenced by speaking in tongues).
I am honored that Bobs wife, LuAnn, asked me to participate in his funeral.
Bob ran a good race and I trust in the Righteousness of God that when he stands before Him in the day of Judgement (as ALL of us will) that Bob will be hear 'Enter in, thou good and faithful servant'.

Til we meet again, I love you Bob, my brother.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Short List of Impressions of Carolina

Well, just finishing the first year or so in North Carolina, and have a few observations of note:
1. "I carried my wife to dinner this weekend." (instead of "took").
2. "Something we are just before doing." ("just about ready").
3. "Yes, ma'am". or "No, ma'am". (I mean everyone here is that polite).
4. "Mister John". or "Miss Gwinn". (Men - mister and first name; Ladies - miss and last name).
5. "55". (means drive 45 and don't you dare use a turnsignal).
6. And the weather: I've never seen 50deg feel so cold. (it is this ocean humidity - goes right to the bone)